Speed the Light

Speed the Light is the student-initiated ministry that provides transportation and communications equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 150 countries around the world.

Speed the Light has its humble beginnings in 1944 when Ralph W. Harris, then head of the National Youth Department, prayed for a way to give Assemblies of God youth the opportunity to help missionaries in their work.

Today, Speed the Light is one of the most effective missions programs in the church world. Assemblies of God students have accepted a great responsibility to voluntarily raise funds to purchase the equipment. Since its inception, Speed the Light has raised a total of $185,258,255.02 for missionary equipment around the world.

Speed the Light has one guiding principle: All assistance must go to purchase equipment directly related to evangelism. "Evangelism" is defined as propagating the gospel and instructing converts. Speed the Light equipment has not been nor is presently given for promotion, solicitation, or normal administrative funds.