Connection Points

::: E-mail Prayer Request
If you have a prayer need during the week, and would like to e-mail your prayer need to the church office, you are welcome to do so by e-mailing us at

::: Church Office
Please notify the church office if you have a prayer need at 972-394-1567. If you would like, your need will be placed on the e-mail prayer list, which will be sent at the end of the day.

::: E-mail Prayer Chain
At the end of each day, any prayer need that is received by the church office will be sent out via e-mail. This is a great way for those who use computers to be part of the Victory Prayer Team.

::: Sunday Morning Intercessory Prayer
Every Sunday morning at 8:30am, there is a time of intercessory prayer in the Main Sanctuary. Please feel free to come early and pray for the services and the needs of the church.

We encourage you to get connected with one of these great ministries today!

Pastor Max Docusen